Fence Dynamics installs all types of fences and gates, including PVC vinyl fence, chain link, aluminum fencing, iron, and wood privacy fences.

Headquartered in Port Charlotte, Fence Dynamics provides professional fence installations for commercial, residential, and industrial customers using the finest of materials and a multitude of styles to suit your needs. From small backyards to acreage to industrial complexes, we can do it all.


Vinyl Fencing

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Wood Fencing

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Chain Link Fencing

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Iron Fencing

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Aluminum Fencing

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My fence was installed in a timely and efficient manner. Will be going back here for my next fencing job!
Zach Saba
My new fence is gorgeous! Fence Dynamics was great to work with, from initial contact through install. Very professional, courteous and thorough.
Artis Henderson
My experience with Fence Dynamics was positive. They were professional in their dealings with me and made corrections when necessary. I am pleased with the fence that they installed in my back yard and would recommend Fence Dynamics to anyone that needs fencing service.
Rita Capello
Love my new fence! Fence Dynamic did a wonderful job installing our fence for our dog run. The color matches our house beautifully and 3ft was the perfect height. since we were up north we were not here for the installation the job could not have been cleaner. I was given weekly updates until the installation which was very helpful. Thank you all so much. I would highly recommend you to any of my friends and neighbors.
Linda Passantino
These guys did a really good job with my aluminum fence. We live in a very nice neighborhood and wanted something that would look great, and even though it was a little more expensive than we were hoping for, fence dynamics cam through. We're very happy with the job they did. They showed up on time and got the work done and answered all our questions. Nowadays that's a big deal because there are a lot of unreputable contractors out there.
Alice McGregor
Fence Dynamics is the best. The salesman who came out to give me my estimate was a sweetheart and they got my fence up in about three weeks. Everybody was very professional and friendly and the fence looks awesome. Would definitely recommend.
Amy Garber
Fence Dynamics put up a vinyl privacy fence at our rental property. We are out of state at the moment but our renter told us that the guys were pros and there were no problems. She is an older lady who is happy with the new fence and we are happy with the photos we received.
Garret Fancy
I love my fence!! I heard about them from a friend when he gave me a referral coupon. Everything went perfectly from day one, from the girl who answered the phone when I first called to the day the inspector came to sign off on the job this week. My puppy can play out back now and I also have some privacy. And they sent my friend a gift card for the referral too. Great job!
Zoe Griffith
I wanted to thank you and let you know that I was very impressed with the install of my fence.
Susan D.
The guys that put fence up were very helpful and reassuring in showing us that we wouldn't have to worry about our puppy escaping, how sturdy that bottom line that was put on didn't leave much room for dog to get under.
Gina Mancuso
Your crew was here today and did a great job with our fence installation. Thank you for accommodating our time table.
Mary Sahady
Prompt, professional and conscientious, stand by their work! I highly recommend!
Rick and Stacy Anderson
Thank you, Fence Dynamics- to Todd for his assistance, to Jill for her communication skills, to the installers of my fence. It looks so much nicer now!
Jeanne Pecora
Thank you for donating to Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity through the Unified Legacy of Valor Opportunity. Your donation along with matching dollars from the Patterson Foundation totaled $48,550! We are humbled to your generosity!
Gabrielle Reineck
Senior Director Of Outreach / Habitat for Humanity
We are more than happy with the fence. Your staff has been very professional and courteous. Given that the job was done without being present, we feel your company did an excellent job. If you need a reference feel free to contact me.
Jesse Carroll
Thank you for sending the team that you sent to do the repair. My highest compliments to them! They were professional and very accommodating to Mrs. Disesa
Patrick Kohler
District Service Manager / Home Depot
Thank you very much for sending the estimate. It was very helpful to me in getting the detail done on my new home! If I have the opportunity, I will send business your way!
The price was why we selected Fence Dynamics from the other contractors, the SERVICE and attention to DETAIL is why we will hire them for any future fencing needs!
Hennesy Ranch
The style that our new fence provides to the appearance of our home is fabulous! The privacy and the peace of mind when our children play in the yard now are added bonuses!
John & Sarah
The people from Rhino Fence & Rail have been absolutely a joy to work with. They arrived when they said they would and completed the project the same way. I love my new fence!
Port Charlotte
I was amazed at the quality of the fencing I selected and how quickly and professionally it was installed!
Punta Gorda, FL
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